Stories of Success

“I first met Jobina at a challenging time of my life. I was unhappy, confused, and struggling.


I was constantly searching on “how to be happy”, as I believed that happy people were on some sort of recipe or were aware of something I did not know. 

Jobina introduced me to the different personalities and how other people learn, react, and behave differently.


Understanding this was crucial as it enabled me to understand my partner better and ultimately saved our relationship.

- Jack

It is difficult to believe how my life was before our sessions.
I am glad that I am in total control now.

I came to coaching confused about the direction to take regarding my career as I had an exciting business opportunity on the one hand and a job I was obsessed with on the other.

You took me on a journey and I became more aware of what I wanted with my life. 

I am so happy with the progress I have made with my business and I have developed my short and long term goals and have seen myself achieving them.

Your perspective on things is a massive blessing. 

I wish you well, Jobina.

Thank you for everything

- D.W. 35