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Do you have a particular topic you’d like to talk about? Whether it is business or personal, this Individual Strategy Session is perfect.


Perhaps you need a bit of advice or insight. Together we’ll discuss professional and personal concepts.

In an Individual Strategy Session, it is only you and I and we will work together to create a plan that successfully archives your goals.

This is great if you have goals in mind or already working on a plan. Either way, an Individual Strategy Session is aimed at creating and achieving greatness. 

In search of a framework or strategy for achieving a certain goal? Perhaps you simply need advice and direction on a particular topic.


An Individual Strategy Session is perfect for discussing any topic, personal and professional, and finding solutions that help you achieve progress.

Single Strategy Planning Session
If you’re in search of personal and professional development that will elevate your mindset and establish the traits necessary to achieve greatness, then you’ve come to the right place.
I am, Jobina Ayesah, Certified Master Life Coach & Business Strategist.
I provide an array of clients, including entrepreneurs, business professionals, and people who want to be better, personal, and professional development strategies. 
Together, we create plans that lead to happiness and success.
I’d love to work closely with you to develop a mindset that has you more focused on achieving goals, confident, and ultimately shifts your perspective towards success, both personally and professionally. 
Personal & Professional Development Subscriptions 

No matter where you’re at in life you’ll constantly find yourself developing and changing.


My Life Coaching & Personal Development Progams is perfect for individuals who want to gain the mental endurance and focus to accomplish their personal and professional goals.


You and I will work together to specify the goals you want to achieve and create a framework for understanding how you’re going to achieve those goals.


We’ll set up strategies, work together to develop your mindset, and ultimately optimize your personal and professional development. 

If you have set personal or professional goals for yourself and need help accomplishing them, my Life Coaching & Professional Development Program will be great for you.


We’ll work together to develop the mental endurance and focus necessary to accomplish your goals. These are one-on-one, private sessions where we work closely and identify what it takes to achieve your success.

Entrepreneurs who are looking for an ideal personal and professional development program are perfect for my Entrepreneur & Startup Business Programs.


We will develop your business strategies and align your actions with your goals. We’ll engage in transparent discussions that bring clarity to your goals and tackle both your business objectives and personal growth.


Whether you need your personal and professional goals aligned, or are having a hard time separating them, we will work together to elevate your mindset and instill the traits necessary to achieve success.


Entrepreneurs involved in startups or other ventures experience a type of goal setting and workload that can be difficult to manage.


The Entrepreneur & Startup Business Programs are geared towards entrepreneurs looking to tackle both their business objectives and personal growth. These are one-on-one, private sessions devoted to transparent discussions. 

Entrepreneur & Startup Business Subscriptions 
CEO & Leadership Coaching Subscriptions

For the executive looking to sharpen their leadership skills and enhance their workplace performance, my Executive Coaching is perfect.

Seeking success and improvement is a never-ending task for executives looking to develop professionally and personally.

With a large emphasis on effective leadership management, we’ll figure out the best ways for you to manage your tasks and reach new heights as a successful executive. 

Together we will work on funneling your energy, management techniques, and workplace goals into a practical application that sets you up for success both at the office and home.


We’ll openly discuss the goals you have set for yourself, refine and clarify your vision of success, and create a road-map for achievement.